Famous for its half-timbered houses, Colmar's remarkable merchants' homes also do not fail to impress. 
Famous among them is the Adolf house, the oldest in #Colmar, and the Pfister house dating from the 16th century with its ornate angelled oriel, richly painted murals and long wooden gallery. And don't miss the majestic House of Heads built in the 17th century in #German Renaissance style, decorated with 111 masks and a magnificent 3-storey oriel. All of them contributing to the uniqueness of Colmar.

Stroll through Colmar's vast pedestrian zone, a listed "protected sector", enjoy its rich perfectly preserved religious and secular heritage, taking you from the Middle Ages to the 18th century: from "Little #Venice" which has become the "must" venue for #photographers over the #world, to the #Tanners district recognisable by its grand white-fronted houses. Don't miss its majestic "Collégiale" St Martin's Church with its astonishing Gothic architectural details and colours.

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